Leadership is a lonely position. You want more time for what matters most. You want to be a more effective leader. You want to feel enrolled in your life and not standing on the sidelines being controlled by it.

End the Loneliness

Redefine What’s Possible

Enroll yourself in new possibilities and challenge your own world view.
  • You can lead well and work less.
  • You can live in a community of peers who care about your success and maintain your privacy.
  • You can have a happy, stable marriage.
  • You can build a family that works, plays and lives within your leadership role, not apart from it.
  • You can have relationships built on trust, integrity and success.
  • You can even fail. And be authentic about it.
PIONIQ is built by a leader; for leaders. Our wisdom for living, learning and leading will challenge your assumptions. Our Exclusive Private Peer Groups will partner you with leaders like yourself who will challenge you, hold you accountable, and demand the best from you. They’ll be the sounding board you’ve never had and the one you won’t be able to live without.
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Step 2: End the loneliness and join one of our Private Advisory Boards. Offered in conjunction with Vistage International, you’ll enter a community (virtual or in-person) of non-competitive leaders like yourself and have access to 18,000 other executives around the world.

Peer group members work less, have more time with families and maintain a 2X CAGR over non members. It’s the power of community. Don’t you deserve to live in one?

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