Leadership can be lonely. We'll fix that.


Now is the only time we have in life. The future is never attained and the past is, well, past. Now is the time to do something for yourself. Now is the time to join a group of peers who meet monthly to work strategically on their business and themselves. 

It's lonely at the top. Sure, you have good people working for you, but where do you turn to openly discuss employee, management, customer, regulatory or personal issues that can't be discussed with your team, board or family?

End that loneliness and give yourself a forum. The only time you have is now. 

Join a Vistage private advisory board chaired by Peter Fuller. 


CURRENT GROUP FOCUS: 36-Month strategic planning / preparation for 2019 downturn; and 2020 leadership team assessments.


A CEO Peer Advisory Group is a dynamic group of 16 non-competing CEO's from a broad range of industries creating the collaborative power of a group-sharing ideas, common challenges and strategies.

Learn about Vistage private advisory boards and why more than 19,000 of your peers nationally are members.

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Your mind is a weed patch and inspiration needs rich soil before it can evolve into creativity. If you feel tired, sluggish and creatively drained, this episode will solve your problem--in just 60 seconds.

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INside A Peer Group

In this re-enactment of a Vistage group meeting, a Vistage member shares a significant executive leadership issue that is costing him time, money and resources. 

Ready to explore a local peer board and get connected with 19,000 other owners and CEOs around the nation?  

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How to use "NOW" to move forward

CEOs and business owners continually fight a barrage of negative "what if" scenarios. Learn how the power of now helps manage business concerns while still being goal - driven.

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